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£132,000 | ON THE ROAD PRICE

Part of the Mopar brand, The Jeep Grand Wagoneer is a stunning luxury family SUV. comes in a variety of options, this one here is in stock on site and ready to go. One of the very LAST V8 Family SUV off the production line, one of a kind as they now currently are being produced with a V6 engine for reduced emissions. The UK on has the standard Wagoneer version and it ONLY comes in ELECTRIC.

- Front heated, cooled and massaged seats.
- Dual infotainment screens for controls, NAV and music
- Front Passenger movie screen
- Large storage
- Premium quality
- motor fold down seats at the back and boot.
- Rear passenger seat controls
- Motor folding seats for rear passengers entering and exiting.

Don't miss out on your opportunity to drive a stunning and luxurious piece of machinery with the last V8 off the production line.

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